Science of "SMOKE & GAS"

We aim to establish a culture that embraces non-combustible plant resources.

  "plant resource" is an alternative "RESOURCE" for fossil and mineral resources, which is environment-friendly, renewable and highly sustainable. Especially, by taking advantage of the plant resource which can immobilize the CO2, it is possible to make a great contribution

to the global problem of CO2 emission and the prevention of global warming.

  We will make this plant resource non-combustible, so that it can be used as a sustainable material to largely reduce the CO2 emission (about 20~80%). Also, it will be carbonized by  extinguishing itself without conventional combustion, so that it can be used as a carbon stock.

Moreover, this non-combustible material emits no-harmful gas and smoke at times of evacuation. Plant resource becomes a renewable material, which provides protection against

flame, decay, ants, and mold. We would like to introduce the rest of the world safer and more secure material and environment from the country of wood, Japan, and create a non-combustible culture.

  All such wonderful technology come to reality by Asano Non-combustion co., Ltd.'s world-wide patented "CELLFUNEN" Technology.

We would like to work towards building a trusting relationship through research development and the like with companies and people, who identify with contributing the human and environment-friendly plants to the realization of the sustainable recycling-oriented society by strictly quality controlled non-combustible material "SUSANOH".


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